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The World’s 1st KOLLOS Angel light Yarn is Coming!

KOLLOS hold World-leading futuristic health technology with 99% far-infrared light emission, cooperated with Tainan Spinning to offer a new circular health wearing option.

February 23rd, 2023, Taipei】The health product brand for better circulation: KOLLOS joins Tainan Spinning in the launch of Angel Light yarn, creating together the pride of Taiwan in this new chapter of health products industry! Through the world-leading Angel Light health technology, KOLLOS has successfully broken through all three major milestones in yarn manufacturing, achieving far-infrared light emission rate of 94~99% at room temperature, boosting blood circulation for better health. Leading the world with scientific evidence by surpassing six major international standards for far-infrared light products and offering more health and safety than generic graphene products! Angel Light health technology has earned the unanimous approval of healthcare specialists and has received certifications by national and international authoritative bodies such as Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, SGS, Atomic Energy Council. By combining human factors design in products ranging from healthy lifestyles to healthcare such as Angel Light socks, LOHAS briefs, medical-grade support braces to offer an alternative to health supplements towards greater health with wearable circulation boosters for more energy in everyday life! The Angel Light yarn line of products developed from the joint efforts of KOLLOS and Tainan Spinning will become available for on-line purchase, please visit the official website for further details.

Angel Light premium-grade far-infrared light leads the world with six major international standards gaining wide recognition among medical specialists and is more effective than graphene!

          KOLLOS strives towards clean premium-grade far-infrared light from specially selected compound crystallines such as cubic zirconia through super-fine 360-degree lattice transfer from multi-faceted crystal structure, under which the 99% far-infrared light emission rate was retained under different variables via the world-leading Angel Light health technology, the energy from which has been shown to be more comprehensive and safer than from generic graphene materials, with much better efficacy in improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue, therefore gaining wide recognition and approval among professional healthcare teams and technology research institutions.

Li-Ping Zeng, executive assistant to the superintendent at St. Martin de Porres Hospital said in her statement: "While the application of far-infrared light is extensive in the field of physical therapy, rehailitation medicine and many others, the far-infrared light released from KOLLOS Angel Light yarn meets six major international and national standards and is backed up by authoritative test report certifications, offering a genuinely safe standard of health-related products to the general public. We look forward to more Angel Light applications in health technology in the future." It has been reported that KOLLOS far-infrared light technology has earned wide recognition and approval from specialists and physicians in rehabilitation, physical therapy, family medicine, urology, minimally-invasive interventional radiology. Furthermore, medical-grade Angel Light support and protective braces is the only health energy brand recognized in the medical field and available for sale in health institutions such as St. Martin de Porres Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, and Chi Mei Medical Center.

KOLLOS Angel Light yarn is the only one in the industry to report zero harmful radiation from starting materials and is genuinely clean and safe, extracts far-infrared light with wavelengths 4-14μm beneficial to the human body, broke through the industry limit of requiring heat to release over 80% far-infrared light, long-lasting warm compress effects at 94~99% emission rate at room temperature, boosts circulation to reduce fatigue and help the body to relax. The Angel Light effects in yarn products are durable and long-lasting, and increase blood flow volume and velocity by 55-59% more than conventional far-infrared light fabric, freshening up tissues and blood vessels like a clean-up crew. It is the first in the the world to meet six international standards for quality far-infrared light and undoubtedly the pride of Taiwan.

Joint efforts of KOLLOS and Taiwan Spining Broke Through Three Major Milestones,Angel Light technology and Textile Industry Broaden Health Technology Horizons Together!

        The predecessor of KOLLOS spent years in the research and development of pivotal nano-refining technology, accomplishments that drew the attention of Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd., leading to a collaboration between the two parties to usher in a new chapter of innovation for the textile industry in Taiwan, which makes up over seventy percent of the global functional textile market, to tap into health technology resources in order to offer better health in everyday living by improving circulation of the body in a way that is extensive, clean and safe.
          This has been a collaboration between human factors and chemical and materials engineering specialist teams at the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, with professional high density melting technology and equipment provid-ed by Tainan Spinning, making possible the mixture of yarn threads drawn from high-quality far-infrared seed polyester grains by the non-agglomeration of molecules arranged in perfectly balanced ratio; from powder, polyester grains to yarn, this joint venture broke through three major milestones in the inter-disciplinary manufacturing process. Angel Light yarn has opened the doors for textile industries to the cleanest, strongest and most comprehensive energy elements for better health.
          Li-Fan Wang, general manager of Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd. said in a statement: "At Tainan Spinning, we encourage innovation and that's why we are look forward to collaborating with the thriving startup KOLLOS to continue developing far-infrared light yarn and their products, so we can consolidate joint ventures between textile and health industries and to stabilize productivity and broaden the horizons in healthy lifestyle products that boost the circulation of the body."

KOLLOS, the trendsetter for 24/7 all-round wearable circulation boosters;Your best choice for better health: Angel Light yarn products
        KOLLOS, Your Circulation Buddy: Through extensive and innovative cutting-edge clean professional technology to boost circulation for better health, not only has KOLLOS developed highly-acclaimed patches and bracelets, but also combined Angel Light health technology with fashion apparel in launching products such as Angel Light socks, briefs and eye masks for top-quality functional healthy lifestyles for exercise, health maintenance and healthcare purposes. KOLLOS is one of the very few Made in Taiwan/Designed in Taiwan brands among the Asia-Pacific health products market and is building toward a fatigue-reducing, healthy lifestyle experience by boosting circulation in a clean and safe manner!